The International Committee: Aid from Journalists was founded in Munich on July 11, 1993. The founding members’ vision was a cooperation of media professionals, whishing to remedy social ills they encounter during their assignments in Germany and abroad.

The International Committee: Help from Journalists is committed to offering aid and protection to people in distress of no fault of their own and those who have become victims of crimes. The Committee intends to raise awareness for these people’s needs and call for financial and other support. The International Committee: Help from Journalists also provides assistance to journalists suffering from any type of hardship in connection with their work.

Help offered by the Committee includes economic and personnel support as well as contributions in kind. It also organizes humanitarian aid convoys.
To date, transports of goods have been sent to the Ukraine, Belarus, and Croatia. A major project was the 1998 construction of a classroom / cafeteria with an attached kitchen for a school with 300 students in Posadas, Argentina.

The Committee frequently hosts events and conferences to promote international understanding.