This project was supported by the international committee: Aid from Journalists. Hewa lives with his family in the middle of the southtansanishian bush, not far from the border to Mozambique. The people here live under very simple conditions. Hewas mother died shortly after his birth… After his monthers’ death, his grandmother took care of the little boy, but her milk wasn’t sufficient enough to supply him with a healthy, age-appropriate diet. Therefore Hewas family enrolled in the „milk powder for orphans program“ of the CMML Mbesa Mission Hospital.

Milk powder is here in Tanzania (due to the monopoly of a single milk powder manufacturer) very expensive and usually beyond the financial capabilities of the people that are living under very simple conditions and earn their money with agriculture (mainly corn). Therefore, we as a Mission Hospital set our goal to help these families. From our hospital the babies receive monthly free milk powder, as well as a „Clothing Starter Pack“ for free. There are also regular weight checks and medical examinations in order to ensure a positive development of the children – we additionally supply optionally further auxiliary opportunities. It is important that the children can remain in their homes and not have to grow up in orphanages.

We were delighted when we met Hewa at the last follow-up visit. He has developed well and is already learning to walk. Since we distribute the milk powder free of charge to families, we rely on support through donations for milk powder. Thank you to all who support our project.

Beatrice’s mother also died shortly after her birth. Since no one in the family was able to nurse the baby, her very young life was already threatened. Her family now receives regular milk powder. Her older sister is raising the little girl with lots of love and devotion. Meanwhile, Beatrice is now 1 ½ years old and is a healthy, cheerful girl. Asante sana! Thank you – especially on behalf of the children and families for your support! Ellie Berg and Annette Rüggemeier (Head of CMML mission hospital and doctor of the children’s ward)

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