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Powedered milk for orphans

This project was supported by the international committee: Aid from Journalists. Hewa lives with his family in the middle of the southtansanishian bush, not far from the border to Mozambique. The people here live under very simple conditions. Hewas mother died shortly after his birth… After his monthers’ death, his grandmother took care of the […]

Kwale School for the Mentally Handicappe...

The school for mentally handicapped children was supported by the International Committee: Aid from Journalists. This school is in Kwale town south of Mombasa, Kenya The School started as a Unit for the mentally handicapped on the 17th of October 1978, attached to Kwale Primary School and under the management of Kwale School for the […]

Kitchen furnishings, Gombato Secondary S...

Ukunda is located on the south-east coast of Kenya, approx. 30 km south of Mombasa in direction of Tanzania. For the teachers at Gombato Secondary School providing children with the compulsory school meal used to be a real hazard: As they only had a kitchen hut with flints at their disposal, they would often suffer […]

Electrical wiring and refurbishing for t...

Electrical wiring and refurbishing Naimbala School, Sri Lanka Represented by our member Niko Jaeger, the International Committee: Help from Journalists supported the Naimbala School (Maimbala Bandathtara Maha Vidyalaya, Thihagoda) with a donation for some much needed electrical wiring and refurbishing of the decrepit classrooms in late 2010.

Reconstruction aid for the Youth Hope Ce...

Support for the Youth Hope Center in Payatas near Manila / Philippines International Committee: Help from Journalists supported a Youth Hope Center in Payatas Manila / Philippines. Brother Lando SJ gives shelter to the young homeless and neclected children and helps them to develop their talents and abilities. So they have a chance to visit […]

Reconstruction aid for survivors in Sreb...

Reconstruction aid for survivors in Srebrenica, Bosnia (2003 / 2004)

Call for action published in “Schweizer Familie”, issue 51/2003 In 2003, the Swiss magazine “Schweizer Familie” called on readers to donate money for the survivors of the massacre in Srebrenica, Bosnia. Zurich-based journalist Peter Fuerst asked the Committee to support the project. The Board immediately decided to help, especially because Peter Fuerst could guarantee that […]

Fuel oil for Croatia (1998)

Fuel oil for Croatia (1998)

At the request of the Head of the refugee hostel Hl. Vinzez the IKJH eV was in 1998 again in Croatia actively. In 1998 the committee what helping again in Croatia. J.Allgäuer und N.Behr handed over a check for much-needed Fuel oil to the head of the refugee hostel priest Ante Markić.

Project in Posadas / Argentina (1998)

Project in Posadas / Argentina (1998)

In 1998, a school kitchen, cafeteria/ classroom for 300 students in Posadas, Argentina. The project was initiated  and supervised by committee member  Maximilian Biagosch. The slums in Posadas, Argentina The school’s cook, Sister Maria Rossa, taking measure for the bread oven to be built Structural work with the school kitchen, left front

Aid convoy to Croatia (1996)

Aid convoy to Croatia (1996)

Immediately after hostilities between Serbia and Croatia had ended, the committee launched a peace mission to Osijec and Zagreb, delivering contributions in kind to a residential home for the elderly and refugees and a kindergarten for children injured during the war. Further donations were applied to buying pharmaceuticals and fuel oil for the winter. The […]