Would you like to find out more about International Committee: Aid from Journalists?
Are you interested in supporting our work? Please get in touch:

Internationales Komitee: Journalisten helfen e.V.
c/o Dr. Nikolai A. Behr
Cuvilliésstr. 23
81679 Munich

E-Mail: info@komitee.org


How can I support the Committee?
You can help us by making a donation (usually monetary, for certain projects also contributions in kind) or by volunteering to work with us.    

Where can I get more information?
Just send us an email or contact individual board members directly.    

Is my donation tax-deductible?
We are approved as a non-profit organization by the tax authorities in Munich. So yes, your donation is tax-deductible (at least for Germany). If you provide us with your address, you will automatically be sent a contribution receipt for donations exceeding 200 EURO. If you are outside Germany: Please ask the tax departement of your country if they support your donation as well.   

What is the committee’s purpose?
The International Committee: Help from Journalists is committed to offering aid and protection to people in distress of no fault of their own and those who have become victims of crimes. The Committee intends to raise awareness for these people’s needs and call for financial and other support. The International Committee: Help from Journalists also provides assistance to journalists suffering from any type of hardship in connection with their work.      

When is the best time to make a donation?
Anytime! So why not today?